Service Description

Provides financial assistance to BC Hydro residential customers that are experiencing a temporary financial crisis, are behind on their BC Hydro bill payment, and have been disconnected or are facing disconnection despite attempts to make payments. Temporary financial crisis may include situations such as loss of employment, unexpected medical expenses, or death of a family member.

The applicant must:
  • have a balance in arrears of less than $1,000;
  • have experienced a life event within the last 12 months that caused a temporary financial crisis.
    • Note: Folks who have an ongoing affordability issue (having a child, increase in rent, decrease in payment from income source, etc) will not be eligible. It must be a one-time event that cause temporary financial hardship. This is a main reason why people get rejected from the CCF program.
  • have demonstrated prior attempts to pay their bill;
    • ??Note: The caller should have had prior attempts to pay their bill before the crisis occurred. This is another reason why someone will be denied CCF.
  • have exhausted all legal sources of income; and
  • be willing and able to provide documentation to support the information on their application.

Online application available at

Grants are up to $800 for electric heated homes, and $700 for non-electric heated homes. Grants are limited to one per year, are applied directly to the applicant's BC Hydro bill, and do not need to be repaid. Website has an online application form, detailed program information, and contact details for CCF advocates in the community who can assist with the submission of online applications. Paper applications are available at select Service BC locations across BC.

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